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Stuff Around the House One: Gardening

Weeding. It feels like we started resurrecting the garden ages ago, but it's only been since the frost stopped chilling our bones at night. So, a month? Maybe? Three weeks?

Anyway, weeding. We do what we can, when we can, and I've noticed in myself that I can do more than I could at the beginning. Gardening as an exercise plan. Not a big surprise, but still. I get winded, just the same, and sweat buckets of desperate 'just-one-more-weed-then-I'll-stop', but it's getting done. I patrol daily now, usually after dinner, and dig up the ones I can find. Works well if the grass is freshly mowed, which it is thanks to my husband.

Be gone, weeds, in the name of the Sontaran Empire!

Hmm. Where was I? Ah, things done in the garden. I've discovered it is much more satisfying to list what's been done than to list what hasn't been done yet. So.

Trees I Can Reach: Pruned of extra branches trying to grow on lower trunk.

Last Year's Dried Remains: Removed to make room for new growth.

Vegetable Garden: Soil nurtured with yummy compost from the local recycling center and plants installed according to instructions on those little plastic tags that come with them. Needs a lot of watering. Some might actually survive!

Herb Garden: See above. :)

Dandelions: Getting yanked from the ground with as much root as possible when spotted. Winning the war!

Consistently Mowing Lawn: A reality, thanks to my husband! :)

Bird Feeder: Cleaned thoroughly, filled with bird seed, installed on proper branch. Big hit with the locals! Needs refilling frequently. Hope I can keep up!

Bird Bath: A bit wonky, but holding. Big hit with the locals! Water neds to be changed frequently. Currently collection pink petals from the blooms on the apple tree. Dog can reach for a drink.

Flowers: Two rose bushes and a flat of portulacas purchased. Planting pending.

Rocks: Have some. Need more for rock garden expansion. Too heavy to pick up!

Battle Cry (through the aches and pains):Sontar-HA! :)


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May. 20th, 2013 11:51 pm (UTC)
Sontar-HA! Maybe I should try that while dealing with boxes and piles. (Vacation-brain wants to work. Vacation-body demanded another nap.)
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