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Globetrotter - Here, There, and Everywhere

I have this idea of posting a map of the world in my office and using little flags to show where I've been on this big blue marble. Trouble is, the map might have to be the size of the wall and I don't have that kind of space to devote to this whimsical project.

Maybe I could start a binder, though the visual of where I've been and where I want to go on one big world map is still stuck in my head. Regardless, last night, I marked a number of maps - very small maps, on 8 x 10 sheets of paper, found on a random sites courtesy of a Google search - with the places I have been, as best as I can remember them. A detailed one of Southern Ontario got me most places I remember, but not all. Sarnia was missing, for example. Not critical, but still.

The British Columbia map has Vancouver marked, but it isn't detailed enough to show all the places we went when we visited. That and I need a refresher of where we went, like that awesome power plant. :)

The Quebec map only has a few places marked, but I didn't realize when I was in Quebec City that we were that close to the Maritimes. The things you learn.

The United States map is sadly missing details, but it is a huge country and places like that old Shaker community in Kentucky that we stopped at when I was seven are going to be difficult to track on even a detailed map of the state. I'd need detailed maps of the areas in each country that I visited to mark them all properly. Something bigger than 8 x 10 perhaps, though that's a lot of wall space.

I also marked a small world map of where I'd like to go someday, like that temple in India devoted to rats, but again, the visual is poor. Maybe I need a space above a fireplace in an old Brownstone in Brooklyn for a big map, with flags and string going from each flag to mark the possible pattern of the murderer's killing to a photo of a more detailed part of each area. And maybe a detective to set it up and an associate to keep it organized and legible.

Or maybe I just need more paper...

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