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Life is full of change...

So, I haven't been on Livejournal and figured I'd close this account, maybe open up somewhere else that I'm more likely to visit. Like Dreamwidth, where I do a lot of writing on a private journal -- because I can.

But I missed the deadline for when my paid account here goes through and now, I'm set until July of 2016.

Between work, making time with my husband, helping him look after Mum and our elderly Greyhound when I get home, trying to sort out parts of the house and working steadily on the garden, I haven't even done much creative writing in the last three months or so, never mind having time to post on LJ.

What to do, what to do...


Renovation Status

Work on the house continues, as will be the norm for All Eternity.

The latest? We have no functioning kitchen!

What does it say about my life that I am SO EXCITED? :D

Home Depot, Ikea, here we come!

What the heck --???

Where have the days gone? It seems neither my hour-glass nor my time machine have been working correctly or I would have noticed my sooner that the inevitable has occurred: I haven't been here in an exceedingly long time.

I've been writing in the journal I dedicate to same, and have been delightfully prolific, but that isn't this journal. Have people been using their LJs? Do you still find them useful for keeping in touch with people or for honing their focus on life or finding it cathartic the express yourself here?

I would like your feedback as I try to decide if I need to move on to something else, as I don't seem to be using my little seattlemouse... :(

Thank you in advance.

Amanda :D

Stuff Around the House One: Gardening

Weeding. It feels like we started resurrecting the garden ages ago, but it's only been since the frost stopped chilling our bones at night. So, a month? Maybe? Three weeks?

Anyway, weeding. We do what we can, when we can, and I've noticed in myself that I can do more than I could at the beginning. Gardening as an exercise plan. Not a big surprise, but still. I get winded, just the same, and sweat buckets of desperate 'just-one-more-weed-then-I'll-stop', but it's getting done. I patrol daily now, usually after dinner, and dig up the ones I can find. Works well if the grass is freshly mowed, which it is thanks to my husband.

Be gone, weeds, in the name of the Sontaran Empire!

Hmm. Where was I? Ah, things done in the garden. I've discovered it is much more satisfying to list what's been done than to list what hasn't been done yet. So.

Trees I Can Reach: Pruned of extra branches trying to grow on lower trunk.

Last Year's Dried Remains: Removed to make room for new growth.

Vegetable Garden: Soil nurtured with yummy compost from the local recycling center and plants installed according to instructions on those little plastic tags that come with them. Needs a lot of watering. Some might actually survive!

Herb Garden: See above. :)

Dandelions: Getting yanked from the ground with as much root as possible when spotted. Winning the war!

Consistently Mowing Lawn: A reality, thanks to my husband! :)

Bird Feeder: Cleaned thoroughly, filled with bird seed, installed on proper branch. Big hit with the locals! Needs refilling frequently. Hope I can keep up!

Bird Bath: A bit wonky, but holding. Big hit with the locals! Water neds to be changed frequently. Currently collection pink petals from the blooms on the apple tree. Dog can reach for a drink.

Flowers: Two rose bushes and a flat of portulacas purchased. Planting pending.

Rocks: Have some. Need more for rock garden expansion. Too heavy to pick up!

Battle Cry (through the aches and pains):Sontar-HA! :)
1/ Yes, I stumble across the strangest things sometimes, or things that I just find so interesting or beautiful that I have to share.

2/ No, I don't live on YouTube. It just might seem that way, sometimes.

3/ Some things are just that awesome. Link below.

The horror... the horror...

Writing Observation - Critics

Two posts in one day. Heck, within fifteen minutes of one another. It must be a Friday.

Below is a quote I spotted while doing a random search on the Internet for something completely different. I like the way it is written and wish I'd written it myself, though, obviously, I'm glad I didn't waste two hours of my life - which I'll never get back - watching that movie.

"This is like a bad eighties-sitcom, with the characters acting in a way that suggests the film was written by aliens who've only ever heard humans speak through watching DVDs they found in a trash bin outside a suburban Wal-Mart."

Succinct. Relatable. Humourous. There's more, but this is just fine for me.

I'd credit the author, but I didn't make note of their name.

Globetrotter - Here, There, and Everywhere

I have this idea of posting a map of the world in my office and using little flags to show where I've been on this big blue marble. Trouble is, the map might have to be the size of the wall and I don't have that kind of space to devote to this whimsical project.

Maybe I could start a binder, though the visual of where I've been and where I want to go on one big world map is still stuck in my head. Regardless, last night, I marked a number of maps - very small maps, on 8 x 10 sheets of paper, found on a random sites courtesy of a Google search - with the places I have been, as best as I can remember them. A detailed one of Southern Ontario got me most places I remember, but not all. Sarnia was missing, for example. Not critical, but still.

The British Columbia map has Vancouver marked, but it isn't detailed enough to show all the places we went when we visited. That and I need a refresher of where we went, like that awesome power plant. :)

The Quebec map only has a few places marked, but I didn't realize when I was in Quebec City that we were that close to the Maritimes. The things you learn.

The United States map is sadly missing details, but it is a huge country and places like that old Shaker community in Kentucky that we stopped at when I was seven are going to be difficult to track on even a detailed map of the state. I'd need detailed maps of the areas in each country that I visited to mark them all properly. Something bigger than 8 x 10 perhaps, though that's a lot of wall space.

I also marked a small world map of where I'd like to go someday, like that temple in India devoted to rats, but again, the visual is poor. Maybe I need a space above a fireplace in an old Brownstone in Brooklyn for a big map, with flags and string going from each flag to mark the possible pattern of the murderer's killing to a photo of a more detailed part of each area. And maybe a detective to set it up and an associate to keep it organized and legible.

Or maybe I just need more paper...

If I could be at home today...

And if I had some sort of front or back porch or little covered area, I'd be sitting outside, a sweater wrapped around me like a hug and a hot mug of tea in hand, watching the rain and breathing in that wonderful, wonderful fresh scent that comes with a really good downpour.

Hell, I might even stand outside with a brolly in one hand, tea in the other, and listen to the rain tap dance on the fabric sheltering me.

Sadly, I'm at the office and can only watch it pelt like pebbles against the windows as the wind blows it around.

It must be Spring. I love it!


The Passing of a True Comedian

"If God had really meant us to fly, He'd have made it easier to get to the airport."

~ Jonathan Winters, November 11, 1925 - April 11, 2013.

You used to make me laugh so hard, I cried. Fond memories. Rest well, sir, and thank you so much for sharing.

Random Thoughts

Long time, no post! :D

My writing has been doing really well, but other elements of 2013 have been vaguely chaotic so far. Work is busy and full of change; personal and husband health has been variable and continues to be so; school has been hectic for husband; and Mum's confusion continues to grow. The dog, though in her tenth year, is doing the best of all of us! :)

So, here I am, Easter Sunday at 1:25 AM, watching a Criminal Minds Marathon, waiting for the pain killers to kick in and wondering if I'm going to have an appetite for the family dinner tonight.

Last Sunday morning, I ended up at the ER when my appendix decided, through complicated travel plans, that it was time to part ways. I'm home and happy for it, but I wish I could sleep better at night. And really, Criminal Minds? Great show to fall asleep on and so... not Easter, lol!

Whatever else, I hope the fluffy herald of the season hops your way. And if I haven't been in touch with you recently, please drop me a line. :D

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